Property Protection Service


Life happens when we are home, and when we are away. With our property protections services, you can trust we can come check on your home, schedule a repair, or let the cable guy in. Just let us know how much help you need.


Weather is a factor that brings rain and shine. On days where surf is bad or storms are fierce and your home could sustain damage, we can be your eyes. We can send photos, access damage, or just give you peace of mind that all is fine.


Repairs and maintenance are inevitable, we can be your trusted advisor on how to handle them and the first on the scene when you can't be there. 


Some tasks, such as snow removal, are outside of the scope of homeowners. We can deliver able bodied help for just the scenario and many more. Don't risk your health and safety. Let us help you.

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Additional Information

Get peace of mind by knowing your investment is in good hands. Our trained professionals will perform routine maintenance and inspections to ensure your premises are well cared for. We offer weekly, monthly, and quarterly property management services. We perform a multitude of services including but not limited to:

  • gutter cleaning
  • handyman repairs
  • storm evaluations
  • painting
  • holiday decorations
  • yard cleanup